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Residential & Commercial Energy Efficiency

Let Western KY Window Tinting improve your home or office's energy efficiency. Our window films and labor have a lifetime warranty available for residential customers, and a 10-year warranty for commercial ones. The Skin Cancer Foundation also endorses the window films we use, as they limit UV-A and UV-B rays by 99.2%. Ceramic tinting film is also available for vehicles, boats, and machinery.


Commercial window films have an array of benefits, including reduced energy costs, glare reduction, and protecting your building's interior. In addition, films create better working conditions by eliminating hotspots within the building and increasing comfort. Your clients are more likely to shop longer, stay for desert, or answer more questions when they are comfortable in your building.

Window films can also provide increased privacy, safety, and security. Let us locate the issues that your building faces, and make specific recommendations for you, complete with a guaranteed up-front price during the initial visit. Window films are also an important part of Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) certifications, which could qualify your building for many benefits.


We take the time to meet with you, determine your needs, and make recommendations based on those needs. All windows are measured, and a price is provided. We then leave the information with you to make your decision in privacy. An installation appointment will be made according to your schedule if you decide to hire our experts. From preparing the glass and installing the film to cleaning the glass, you will be able to inspect all of our work before payment. We treat your home as if it were our own, and handle everything with respect and care.

In today's economy, window films are one of the most beneficial improvements that a homeowner can make. Of all utility bills, 54% are for heating and cooling alone. Residential window films can reduce the incoming heat through your windows and doors by up to 80% while maintaining a very natural and warm view outward. Annoying glares in your home caused by the sun can also be reduced by 57% to 85% with our window films. Your TV and computer monitor can be placed anywhere without worrying about the sun ruining your view. Many modern homes include wood flooring, carpeting, and colorful fabrics that sunlight can fade. Applying a window film keeps your home interior well protected.