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Stylish Boat & Car Window Tinting

We offer two separate divisions of automotive and machine tinting: standard and ceramic tinting film. Both can be constructed to vehicles, marine vessels, and even machinery, and both come in shades that reject an average of 5%, 15%, and 35% of heat. The ceramic film offers one additional shade that rejects 80% of heat on average. Standard films have topped out at 38% heat rejection, while ceramic films have rejected up to 90%. Ask about window films for commercial or residential buildings.


All films are color stable, scratch resistant, and can be installed in as quickly as 90 minutes. The ceramic tinting is applied using the same process as the ceramic tiles that are found on the front of space shuttles, and is virtually clear, allowing clients to tint their front window without obscuring their view. Request a free consultation and quote for your project, and our professionals will gladly work within your schedule.

Marine & Machinery

As the sun beams down and reflects off the water, your boat's air conditioning simply cannot keep up. With our marine window films, you can keep your window views while increasing the cooling efficiency of your boat. Choose a darker shade and you'll also enjoy privacy while moored in the marina.

Farmers and machinery operators often have similar problems keeping their cabs cool. Clear ceramic window films are a great solution to the problem. The film in no way impedes vision, but it keeps the cab cool by rejecting up to 90% of heat. This also improves employee comfort and decreases operator fatigue.